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Get Car And Boat Titles OR Dispose of Abandoned Vehicles in New Jersey and New York! Let us deal with the headache of dealing with Motor Vehicle Agencies!

You Might Need Our Services If:

Mechanic or auto body shop in possession of a vehicle that a customer did not pay and/or pick up after work or an estimate was performed. Repair Facility

A vehicle is abandoned on your private property, at your tow yard, at an apartment complex. car dealer, etc... Private Property

Management of municipal tows/impounds that are unclaimed across all tow vendorsMunicipality Impounds

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What People Say

"Rich- Towing Company Owner-NJ"

"We are on Recovery Title Solutions monthly service plan. All of our notifications and abandoned work is handled by RTS. They are cheaper than hiring an additional employee to do the work and always maximizes our cash flow. If you want less headaches, definitely give them a shot!"

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"Sal, Towing Company Owner -NJ"

"Recovery Title Solutions minimizes the time vehicles sit on our property, which creates an additional revenue stream from the sale of the vehicles. It's a true win-win."

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"Jason- Property Manager-NJ"

"I've called Recovery Title Solutions twice so far for when tenants move out and their car is left behind! Communication was great and the entire process was hassle free."

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Juan- Mechanic-North Bergen NJ

"We see many cars that come in for service and just left at our facility once an estimate was given or work was completed. Recovery Title Solutions handles this for us from start to finish. They get us paid from a lien holder or finalize the process to sell the cars ."

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