Yes. You can either keep the vehicle at your complex, and we can submit the required documents to legally sell/auction the vehicle OR; you can arrange for the vehicle to be towed and stored. Contact us and we will guide you through the steps!
Each application is different. Turn around times depend on which application applies to your vehicle and varies throughout the year, depending on the NJMVC backlog. The average turn around for Abandoned at Repair Facility applications is approximately 4-5 months. The average turn around for Abandoned on Private Property applications is 6 months.
Some of the information we will need will be; VIN or HIN,  signed authorization (provided), service agreement (provided) repair or storage invoice (original or carbon copy), the date vehicle was acquired,  clear photos of the vehicle/vessel. A deposit is required for all new applications. You can easily submit all of this through your online client portal on our website, email to us, mail, or fax any documents to us. Some documents will need to be original copies and/or notarized.
The Abandoned Vehicle Notice is prepared and mailed to all interested parties. If an owner or lien holder contacts us to claim interest, we provide them with an itemized invoice, which includes an administration charge for our fees.
YES! Always make sure to have a customer sign an authorization or an estimate for work that will be performed. In the event you wish to file a garageman’s lien or file a judgement for repair work, having this signed authorization will protect you for monies owed to you.
We will prepare all documents necessary to apply for the authorization to auction/sale your abandoned vehicle or vessel. We will notify all registered and legal owner(s) and known parties of interest of the pending sale. We will run the required newspaper publication and we will notify you of the sale date and provide all final lien sale documentation for transfer of title, or salvage.
The Abandoned Vehicle Procedure applies to vehicles abandoned in New Jersey regardless of what state the vehicle is registered in.
Single sign ups with our flat fee price, includes all expenses associated with processing. The only costs not included are title fees and tax with the state for end buyers, when applicable. If you are a member of one of our monthly program plans, different terms apply.
Yes. We currently work with many NJ police departments and have authorization to process abandoned impounds for these departments. Contact us to see if any towns you tow for are ones we currently work with! If not, we can reach out to any that you may tow for in order to get authorization.
In the event the vehicle abandoned has a lien and the lien holder will not claim the vehicle or issue a lien satisfaction or No Interest letter, you can still move forward with the abandonment lien, as long as there is no objection by the lien holder.
YES. Any person known to have an interest in the vehicle may object to your lien by filing a written objection to the Chief Administrator of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.
This applies for abadnoned at repair facility application. The State MAY require the abandoned vehicle to be inspected at a specific Motor Vehicle Inspection Station, before the final paperwork is issued. The vehicle's VIN is inspected thoroughly to ensure the vehicle is not stolen or has stolen parts. There is no charge for the inspection, however transport of the vehicle to the inspection station is required. Our fee does not include the transportation costs. In the event the state requires this inspection, we will schedule the inspection, and notify you of the date. We can arrange for the vehicle to be transported, or you can make the arrangements. *Usually cars younger than 8 years and any luxury make are flagged for this inspeciton.
Upon signing the authorization and service agreement, a deposit of 50% of the final invoice is due. The balance of invoice is due when the file is sent to the State for processing.
Yes. We will need CLEAR pictures of each side of the vehicle and a very clear picture or pencil tracing of the VIN / HIN. The pictures MUST be taken from dead center and no portion of the vehicle can be cut off. The vehicle must also be free of any debris.

Additional Questions? Call (201) 308-3040 or email us at office@titleandrecovery.com