Recovery Title Reviews

"Recovery Solutions and Title manages all of our unclaimed vehicles, I'm glad such a business exists, they are cheaper than hiring an additional employee to do the work, and always maximizes our cash flow."

Jay- Towing Company Owner-NJ

"Abandoned Vehicles take up much valuable space on our lot. RST minimizes the time these vehicles sit on our property, and creates an additional revenue stream from the proceeds of the sale of the vehicles."

Bill, Towing Company Owner -NJ

"When tenants move out, it is amazing how many times I see a car left behind! I call Recovery Solution And Title for fast and reliable service every time our apartment complex is left with an old tenants vehicle."

Jerry- Apartment Complex Manager-NJ

"We're on RST monthly service plan. It has been great. We get notices sent out fast, which leads to vehicles being picked up and paid faster. Ones that remain unclaimed are processed faster for abandoned under the service plan ."

Rich- Mechanic-Fort Lee NJ