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Full Title Service for boats and trailers.
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Welcome To Recovery Solutions & Title

Legally Obtain Title or Dispose of Abandoned Vehicles in New Jersey!

No matter if you are renewing your license, or registering your vehicle, dealing with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission can be a very aggravating process.

Obtaining legal title for an abandoned vehicle is no different. Let us deal with the headache

Also commonly known as a mechanicís/ garagemanís lien and sale.

You might need our services if

  • You are a mechanic or auto body shop in possession of a vehicle that a customer did not pay and/or pick up. Repair Facility
  • A vehicle is abandoned on your private property,at your tow yard, at an apartment complex, marina, car dealer, etc... Private Property
  • You are a tow company that needs a lien notification sent to owners and/or lien holders before auction.
  • Any other Title Problem

If you have any other questions, visit our FAQ page or contact us at any time


  • 1"Recovery Solutions and Title manages all of our unclaimed vehicles, I'm glad such a business exists, they are cheaper than hiring an additional employee to do the work, and always maximizes our cash flow."

    Jay- Towing Company Owner-NJ
  • 2"Abandoned Vehicles take up much valuable real estate on our lot and decrease in value every month, Recovery Solutions and Title minimizes the time these vehicles sit on our property, and creates an additional revenue stream from the proceeds of the sale of the vehicles.Ē

    Bill, Towing Company Owner -NJ
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